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Whyellow joins House of Clouds

In addition to Intelligent Analytics, Multi-cloud control, DevOps and Cybersecurity, House of Clouds also adds Software Development to its portfolio and strengthens its position as digital specialist in The Netherlands.

With the 40 software experts at Whyellow, its thorough agile development approach and very strong company culture, House of Clouds takes a huge step in the position as digital specialist. Today we are not only able to advise organizations on their digital strategy, but also to realize modern (platform) solutions within that strategy. Vice versa, Whyellow's software engineers will benefit from top notch DevOps and CyberSecurity expertise through Defenced & Day2, both also members of the growing family.

Joining forces creating impact and growth opportunities


Michiel Lampe, Founder & CEO Whyellow: “Whyellow has been looking for acceleration opportunities for some time to strengthen its position and make more impact at large organizations. House Of Clouds is the perfect partner to realize this. There is a strong and experienced management team and the sister companies have additional knowledge that fits seamlessly with our development skills and vision. We get a lot of energy from this new adventure and are convinced that it is the next logical step in the young existence of our company.” Whyellow's management will remain on board and will participate in the management of House Of Clouds so that the synergy can actually be established.


“Organizations need to accelerate their digital business. We see that 4 parts are the key to this and must work together seamlessly. The combination of software development, cyber security, intelligent analytics and cloud knowledge is unique in the Netherlands and makes House of Clouds a digital specialist that can make a real impact. We will help, accelerate and strengthen each other in all parts of the organizations. During the exploration, we have been able to conclude that we have a strong vision of the corporate culture of the group. A top team inevitably leads to exceptional results and that is what we aim for.”, says Sander Dekker, CEO House Of Clouds.

About Whyellow

Whyellow was founded in 2013 and employs approximately 40 software engineers. This 'Best Workplace™ 2020' helps organizations in various sectors to realize their digital ambitions, for example by providing advice on (cloud) architecture, designing ideal (digital) customer journeys, mapping optimal business processes, translating these into digital solutions. and of course its development and management. Whyellow adopts the latest development techniques on mobile/web/cloud to realize the most modern scalable and robust software.

About House of Clouds

Organizations can accelerate digitally by making processes smarter and digitizing them, collecting and using data intelligently, migrating as much as possible to the Cloud and securing all this via a Next Gen SOC. In these crucial areas, House of Clouds delivers the best digital competences by attracting unique talents who make an immediate impact. We realize intelligent solutions on future-proof platforms, we like to be judged on the result and despite all the technology, we prefer a very personal approach.

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