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House of Clouds

The New Digital Company

House of Clouds is a new venture based on high value service companies to bring a complete suite of digital services to our clients existing of public organisations, NGO’s, mid to enterprise organisations, IT service providers and technology partners. We make use of the latest market standards and the best available technology.


Our core value as a Performance IT company is our believe in people, culture and technology. We will bring innovation in processes with automated intelligence and machine learning. With these innovations you are able to make instant impact by speeding up the deliveries to your clients. Our people will focus on crushing creative and complex business cases. Our setup enables you to grow fast and agile with less complexity so together we gain maximum impact in growth and continuous improvement. The result will be a new dynamic which delivers the best performance for your clients and people.


We are a digital company designed for continuous change and improvement, driven by luminous minds, to deliver your moonshot. Together, we will embark on a mission to make your organisation digitally ready. Today and tomorrow.

House of Clouds

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