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Enabling your vision through Performance IT

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Perform better, work faster and make your business future ready
by utilizing cutting edge technology and proven methods.

Cloud control

Optimize Speed & Control Costs
Migrate to standardized platforms
Create the right Cloud Culture

Cyber Security

Next Gen SOC
IoT/Endpoint Detection & Response
Risk & Awareness Services 

Software Engineering

Business Process Improvement

Rapid Application Development
Clean & Low Code development


Data Analytics

Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data engineering

Machine Learning & AI


Robotic Process Automation

Automates repetitive tasks

Increases operational efficiency

Streamlines business processes


Turn Technology into Profit

You work smarter, deliver faster and save costs through our Performance IT approach
where process innovation with intelligent automation is key.

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Build with purpose

We are in for the long run with full commitment on results and believe in trust and performance instead of long term contracts.


Delivering instant value

With our Improve - Involve - Innovate method you experience instant results while taking care of the end state at the same time.


Boosting your teams

Speedy developments, transferring knowledge ánd building solid work procedures and mindset to ensure you build your winning culture.


Driven by
Heroes & Machines

Work with luminous minds to solve complex issues, intelligently automate repetitive task to gain efficiency and predictability.

White boardroom

>500 Projects 

>100 Clients

100+ Luminous minds

Continuous Impact

Industry Solutions

making impact with technology in different segments

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Enabling the Smart Factory by building and improving the data strategy turning data into valuable insights. Transforming IT to a cloud native platform & fast DevOps culture,  securing new platforms and connected IoT devices with our Next Gen SOC which performs continuous automated checks to stay safe.



Improve your digital offering by integrating our cloud native landing zone, performance tools and procedures to support your customers to their next step in a fast and secure low code application development environment including top notch cyber security.



Improve customer experience and time to market by rapid application development on secure cloud native platforms. Gain insights in your customer portfolio by deploying the right data strategy and build data analytics services.



Enabling secure digital services by implementing and managing an innovative IoT monitoring and security platform so outsiders cannot hack into critical systems via simple IoT or OT devices.

Every day better, performance based.

How can we create instant digital impact for your business?

Thanks for your inquiry!

House of Clouds HQ

Achtseweg Zuid 151E

Building TQ5 - 4th floor

5651 GW Eindhoven

Rotterdam Office

Marten Meesweg 25-G

3068 AV Rotterdam

KVK 76896706

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